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Fintech ResearchFintech Elite Seminar SeriesWeekly Seminar/Webinar

Fintech Research

Fintech Overview, Blockchain, Digital Payment, Robo-advisor, AI, ...

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Fintech Elite Seminar Series

The Future of Fintech in the US and China, Feb. 2017, New York

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Weekly Seminar/Webinar

Robo Advisor, Internet Finance, Digital Payment, P2P Lendding ...

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Who We Are



  • WSFC is the first Fintech research and development initiative in North America founded and led by Chinese professionals
  • WSFC is a non-profit organization formed by a group of professionals in the financial services working for top tier banks at Wall Street
  • WSFC promotes Fintech research and development, and provides a platform for people interested in Fintech to share information and exchange ideas on Fintech





Our Mission

  • To promote research on Financial Technology
  • To facilitate the development of Fintech industry
  • To provide a platform for WSFC members and WSFC friends and general public interested in Fintech to share information and exchange ideas in FinTech research and development
  • To support WSFC members and WSFC friends in their career advancement and to encourage them to advance the public interests
  • To assist Fintech entrepreneurs and investors making informed decision




Our Members

  • Professionals currently working at or having worked full time at top financial institutions at NYC, with few exceptions.
  • At least 3 years of professional experience in financial service industry
  • Referred by club members and approved by the majority of board of directors
  • Maintaining active membership status

We have over 100 members from a variety of major financial institutions at NYC, including American Express, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citi, RBC, Bank of America, etc.




Research Publications

  • We have published highly regarded research articles on a wide range of Fintech topics (in Chinese), which were republished by many other media.
  •  Our research articles follow strict academic writing standardAll data/opinions used in the articles were fully sourced and credited.
  •  Research Topics: Fintech Overview, Blockchain Overview, Digital Payment, Credit Score, Robo - advisor, AI Asset Management ...





WSFC Weekly Seminar/Webinar

  • Internet Finance
  • Digital Payment
  • P2P Lending
  • Fintech Industry Overview
  • Blockchain Overview



WSFC Fintech Elite Seminar Series

A Platform for Fintech Experts, Fintech Entrepreneurs and Investors, WSFC Members and Friends

“中美Fintech的现状与未来” 研讨会

Feb. 2017 · New York · WSFC




Weekly Fintech News by WSFC

We publish weekly a summary of 5-6 Fintech headline stories selected by our expert team to follow Fintech industry trend, well received by subscribers.

  • Top News!
  • Latest Analysis!
  • Professional Reports!
  • The exclusive Weekly News by WSFC!


Contact Us

Wall Street Fintech Club
Julia Zhou, CFA, FRM
Wechat: 华尔街Fintech俱乐部



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