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Wall Street Fintech Club

A Fintech Research and Development Initiative in New York City

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Fintech Research

Fintech Overview, Blockchain, Digital Payment ...

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Weekly Seminar

Internet Finance, Digital Payment, P2P Lendding ...

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Welcome to WSFC!

Who We Are

  • WSFC is the first Fintech research and development initiative in North America found and led by Chinese professionals
  • WSFC is a non-profit organization formed by a group of professionals in the financial services working for top tier banks at Wall Street
  • WSFC is to promote Fintech research and development, and to provide a platform for people interested in Fintech to share information and exchange ideas on Fintech




Research Publications

  • Fintech Overview
  • Blockchain Overview
  • Digital Payment
  • Credit Score





Weekly Seminar

  • Internet Finance
  • Digital Payment
  • P2P Lending
  • Fintech Industry Overview
  • Blockchain Overview




Weekly Fintech News by WSFC

  • Top News!
  • Latest Analysis!
  • Professional Reports!
  • The exclusive Weekly News by WSFC!



Fintech News

  • Top News from USA, China, Europe and the World






Our Mission

  • To promote research on Financial Technology (Fintech)
  • To facilitate the development of Fintech industry
  • To provide a platform for WSFC members and WSFC friends and general public interested in Fintech to share information and exchange ideas in Fintech research and development
  • To support WSFC members and WSFC friends in their career advancement and to assist and encourage them to advance the public interests
  • To assist Fintech entrepreneurs and investors making informed decision





Contact Us

Wall Street Fintech Club
Julia Zhou, CFA, FRM
E-Mail: contact@wallstreetfintechclub.com
Wechat: 华尔街Fintech俱乐部



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